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Okinawa servies Cosy & Trendy


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€ 92,00

This modern Okinawa black table service is a sleek-looking tableware based on Japanese model of Cosy & Trendy.

The Okinawa tableware has a modern authentic look where your guests at the table will be surprised by colorful served dishes on these dark round plates.


This Okinawa Japanese table service from Cosy & Trendy is notable for its simplicity.


Compose your own tableware where you can choose from flat plates (dinner plates), dessert plates, deep plates, bowls and not to forget your own Tajine!


Japanese tableware Okinawa Cosy & Trendy is made of earthenware.


Dimensions dinner plate dia 19 cm

Dimensions dinner plate dia 26.5 cm

Dimensions dinner plate dia 30 cm

Dimensions bowl dia 15 cm

Dimensions deep plate dia 22 cm

Dim ensions Tajine 29 x 25 cm


Crockery Collection by the Belgian brand Cosy & Trendy tableware


Okinawa black plates 19cm Cosy Trendy x 6pcs

€ 59,00

Okinawa black plates 19,5cm Cosy Trendy x 4 pcs

€ 104,00

Okinawa black plates 30cm Cosy Trendy x 4 pcs

€ 169,00

Okinawa black bowl 15cm Cosy Trendy x 4 pcs

€ 58,00

Okinawa black soup plates 22cm Cosy Trendy x 6 pcs

€ 92,00

Okinawa Tajine black/white 29 x 25cm Cosy Trendy x 1pcs

€ 68,00

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